BAM’s General Manager, Lawrence Chew together with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Badminton World Federation came together to discuss on a program called ‘Shuttle Time’, an initiative taken by BWF to deliver safe and fun badminton lessons to children and youths.  


Among those who attended the meeting were BWF Development Director, Ian Wright, BWF Development Manager, John Shearer, Director in the Department of Sports, Dr Mehander Singh and his officers.


During the meeting, it was discussed on implementing ‘Shuttle Time’ in the schools in Malaysia. The presentation was done by BWF and it received positive feedback fromall those who attended the meeting.


According to Lawrence, the meeting was a fruitful one with everyone sharing their ideas and opinions towards the same goal that is to get more children and youths engaged in badminton.


“It was a good meeting and we hope to move forward from here although we are aware that there will approvals required from various agencies and ministries. However, we are confident that ‘Shuttle Time’ will soon be implemented in Malaysia,” said Lawrence after the meeting that was held at the Ministry of Education.


‘Shuttle Time’ offers school teachers an easy access of free resources, information and training for them to share their knowledge with children and at the same time to give a positive image of badminton through fun and exciting activities. Currently, ‘Shuttle Time’ is being implemented in 101 countries and Malaysia is expected to be the next country to join this program.