The former Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) chief coach, Zhou Kejian is here with his players from China to have a joint training sessions with the BAM players. Kejian was taking care of the junior team for more than ten years to before leaving to head the Macau national team in 2010. He was then re-hired by BAM in 2011 till January this year. He has been an asset for the country grooming players like Soo Teck Zhi and Cheam June Wei.


Kejian currently resides in China and he coaches the Hunan Province Team. He brought with him five girls, five boys aged between 20-22 and three coaches. According to Kejian, he was thankful to BAM for agreeing to have this training session here in Juara Stadium.


China players having match play sessions with the national team

“BAM was very hospitable and welcoming when I told them of my intention to come to Kuala Lumpur. As for the players, this is a great experience for them as they are able to train with the national team and gain more knowledge. Moreover, they had the opportunity to watch the legend, Lee Chong Wei training.

The main reason Kejian is in Malaysia is because his players will be competing in the Maybank Malaysia International Challenge next week in Alor Setar. Hence, he felt that it will be a good experience for the players before they leave for the competition this Sunday.