Having received a proposal from an interested party to purchase the Taman Maluri property, the BAM Council have set-up a sub-Committee, led by Dato’ Wira Lim Teong Kiat, to study the feasibility of the proposal. Any decision related to the Taman Maluri property will rest on the BAM Annual General Meeting, as provided for by the BAM Constitution.

BAM’s main objectives are to promote and develop the game of Badminton, and these remain our core objectives and focus. While BAM continues to strive for a healthier financial state, the current financial situation is at a manageable level and does not necessitate the sale of the Taman Maluri property.

BAM continues to work diligently to ensure we regain our status as a badminton powerhouse while remaining financially sustainable. Our players and grassroots development will always remain at the heart of our operations.